Sunday, April 19, 2009

First Summer Sale!

Yesterday on Saturday I got my first sale of the summer. I am very excited about it because it helped me feel like I was doing something right. Everything I said just seemed to be right, I didn't have any issues with the paperwork, and the installation was easy. It was a difficult week because it seemed that I wasn't doing anything right. I had done more than any other first year to get myself ready and then they seemed to be doing something right where I wasn't and I just didn't know what it was. Sometime in the afternoon after 5 I just decided that I was going to do anything it took to save time and work hard so I started being jogging between doors and gave a more concise and clear pitch to the people that I met. It seemed to be working because I was getting better responses. Around 7:30 I knocked on my sale and from step one I knew I had them. The husband was a huge guy who played as a lineman in an area football league and worked as a security guard. He thought was I was doing sounded good but let his wife take care of the arrangements. I walked around their home and walked through the steps of prospecting, qualifying, presenting, resolving objections, and closing. I collected all the fees in full and only went over by 1.5 points. I was feeling good. Tomorrow I will be getting a new area because I have knocked through all of my area this week. Most people have already moved to new areas but I toughed it out where I was because I didn't want to be the one wimp-ping out on my assigned area. It has made my being here seem like a good idea. I was started to get concerned but I guess that shows a lack of faith on my part. I am grateful for my many blessings

Friday, April 17, 2009


Hmm... yesterday was a disappointment and a relief. When we were done with all of our meetings and were driving out to our area they called us all back to the office because we needed to take care of some licensing for the city and county to be legal "foot peddlers." This ended up taking all afternoon because we had to wait for everyone to get back, take all out pictures, drive to a Kinkos for some reason I don't know, and then we needed to drive to Winston-Salem to get them notarized at the court house. Seeing how all of the other things took to long the court house closed and we couldn't sell the rest of the day. I had been anxious but nervous to get back out into my area but when we couldn't it felt like a need stress reliever. Afterward we came back to the office and used our time to wisely fill out all of the licensing forms we will be using during the summer. In the evening we went to a park and played ultimate frisbee to do some team building and to keep us all together. We are hoping to get the licensing done today to be able to knock this afternoon and this saturday.
I am really enjoying this blog thing because it is like an open journal. Oh... if you want to take a look at my apartments you can go see them here: 

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

In the Beginning

This has been an interesting week for me. First of all as most of you know I am working for a security company as a summer sales rep. Last Friday I left Rexburg about noon. John, a friend of mine, and I drove straight to North Carolina arriving very early Sunday morning. I slept for a long time and had a very restful Easter, although it didn't feel like Easter. 

When I started working on Monday I realized this work is going to be harder on me than I thought but I am trying to have faith and I can do hard things. Satan wants to discourage me because then I won't be as effective. I realized today that I actually did use as much money coming out here as I thought I did and It wasn't a good feeling. It's expensive to travel cross country.  I should be getting my travel money soon though and I get paid for sure on the 20th so until then I just focus on what is important. This line of work is going to necessitate much faith on my part. 
So although it rained my first day on the job I just kept working through it. Apparently though the mostly black retired community doesn't appreciate me walking arounf their neighborhood late at night because they called the police on me. The officer seemed to think that I wasn't a real bother to the community because after a brief conversation he let me go my own way and continue that I was doing. The next day a member of the community watch warned me that I shouldn't knock any door after 7 or 8 because they would call the police again. Instead of calling anyone two good sized black guys called on me later that evening when they realized that it was 8:30 and I was still around. They called me over and spoke to me about leaving their neighbor hood. I stood my ground well and am going to talk to my managers about getting a new area. If I can't though I will be back there tonight because I have work to do. 
I have decided that since I am away from a more active social life that I would blog some on my experiences so others would know what was going on in my life. I don't have much extra time to talk besides talking with Heidi, Mom, and Dad. But I love you all. Take care!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Someones Agreed to Marry Me!

This past weekend was Fantastic Besides going to SLC and staying with some great friends I was able to sing in General Conference. I am trying to post MP3's of our music for those that might want to hear it again. Heidi Luke and I got engaged on Thursday night after we had talked to her parents. We had actually talked about getting married the week before so it wasn't a big surprise for her to hear those pleading words of, "Will you marry me." It occured without fanfare and without a ring. Sometime during the summer I will be finding the opportunity to ask again with a ring. I plan to make that a little more memorable. Heidi and I have been dating for about 4 months and I will be gone to North Carolina this summer working while she will be living with her par ents in Washi ngton working and planning. We are both very excited!