Sunday, April 19, 2009

First Summer Sale!

Yesterday on Saturday I got my first sale of the summer. I am very excited about it because it helped me feel like I was doing something right. Everything I said just seemed to be right, I didn't have any issues with the paperwork, and the installation was easy. It was a difficult week because it seemed that I wasn't doing anything right. I had done more than any other first year to get myself ready and then they seemed to be doing something right where I wasn't and I just didn't know what it was. Sometime in the afternoon after 5 I just decided that I was going to do anything it took to save time and work hard so I started being jogging between doors and gave a more concise and clear pitch to the people that I met. It seemed to be working because I was getting better responses. Around 7:30 I knocked on my sale and from step one I knew I had them. The husband was a huge guy who played as a lineman in an area football league and worked as a security guard. He thought was I was doing sounded good but let his wife take care of the arrangements. I walked around their home and walked through the steps of prospecting, qualifying, presenting, resolving objections, and closing. I collected all the fees in full and only went over by 1.5 points. I was feeling good. Tomorrow I will be getting a new area because I have knocked through all of my area this week. Most people have already moved to new areas but I toughed it out where I was because I didn't want to be the one wimp-ping out on my assigned area. It has made my being here seem like a good idea. I was started to get concerned but I guess that shows a lack of faith on my part. I am grateful for my many blessings

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  1. I am so excited for you that you got a sale. I hope the new system works better for you. Keep up the hard work.