Wednesday, December 1, 2010

November Recap

In November we celebrated Thanksgiving in Island Park, Idaho with Andrew's entire family. We started the Thanksgiving week off by attending the baby blessing of the newest member of the Potter family. All of Andrew's siblings and their families were also able to be there. It was very special to be able to take part in that event, especially with so many family surrounding us all! Congrats little Johnathon Potter!

Due to a massive snow storm that hit us Friday night, we all made the decision to leave for Island Park Saturday afternoon (so that we could avoid getting snowed out). Island Park is only about an hour away from Rexburg but it took us twice that to get there. (We would have made it in better time if I hadn't kept making Andrew slow waaaaay down---come on 20 mph was feeling a little fast for me...but that was just a little bit of paranoia).

Once there we had a blast interacting with the family: cooking, eating, playing games, taking classes, sledding, playing in the snow, etc. I particularly liked getting to know the members of Andrew's family that I either hadn't met, or didn't know very well.

It was a big bummer that we forgot our camera in our rush to get alas I have no pictures to post from it--but it was definitely awesome to completely lose our car in the 4ish feet of snow that we got.

I'm pretty sure that those were the highlights from November! :)