Sunday, September 5, 2010

Update for August

Dearest Family,

What a month! We have had some great and terrible experiences this month but everything has worked itself out. August was a month of summer vacation for us. We started out the month with lazy summer days and ended it with a rushed car-buying trip to SLC.

We love our new ward. With our move into the girls dorms (as managers) we moved into new ward boundaries and have decided to go to the married student ward instead of the family ward that we were previously attending. We have been going to the ward for just over a month now and we have done a special musical number, spoke in church, and Heidi taught a lesson. I think they are waiting to extend callings until the fall semester starts, so we don't have any jobs yet besides HT and VT. We are blessing Hyrum this Sunday and are so excited to see many of you. Also, the bishop has an acre of land outside of Sugar City where he has been growing a garden for the ward members. Each week he has a box or several boxes of vegetables in the back of the RS room. So far we have grabbed zucchini, squash, and red potatoes. His wife also made some cherry syrup for the ward members. He said that we would have corn, cucumbers, and pumpkins soon. We are so grateful for the members of our ward.

Earlier this month Heidi and I took a short trip up to Mesa Falls. Heidi had never been up there and we wanted to take some pictures...and just get out. We had a great time and we are also so excited to drive back up to that area for the family reunion. It was a great afternoon. Since then we have been planning activities and getting ready for the 120 girls that will be moving back into the apartments starting next week. Heidi is responsible for planning activities and incentives for the girls each semester. She is given a budget of about $750 dollars for things like refreshments for move-ins, white gloves, activities, and meetings. We are also doing birthday bags and weekly movie nights. It has taken a lot of our time because we have never done this before but we both feel like we are doing it well. We will let you know how it goes.

Our growing experience for the month has been happening over the last week. Saturday the 28th we were driving down main street taking a friend home from the library when a car pulled in front of us. They didn't see us coming and turned in front of us to pull into the grocery store parking lot. Heidi was driving and tried to brake but there wasn't enough time. We hit their back right wheel well while impacting on our right front passenger side. The windshield cracked all over the place and the airbags deployed. Heidi's arm hit the windshield she had some glass in her hand and bruises all over. We are all OK though, and that is what is important. Hyrum woke up for a few minutes but (gratefully) fell back to sleep. Although the other car wasn't insured and we only had liability coverage we have a no fault/ non insured policy that will cover the value of our vehicle. Although we wish we just had our car still we are grateful for anything that will help. We started looking for cars on Monday in Idaho Falls but decided that we would have a better chance at finding what we were looking for in SLC. We drove down on Tuesday foundwhat we wanter and drove back yesterday. Since we hadn't been saving for a car we now have a car payment but we have already set some goals to pay off our loan quickly. We ended up buying an '03 Subaru Legacy sedan that has 85,000 miles on it and is in great condition. We feel satisfied with our choice.

I start work at the Middle School again next week and both of us start school next Thursday. We love you all and are super grateful for all the support and help from Bob, Julie, and Heidi. Thanks for all of your prayers. You can follow us some more at

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  1. Hey Potter family! It's Megan (from catering)! Sounds like you have had a busy month. Earlier this summer we had to buy a car in a hurry to drive from WA to FL. It's funny, because we ended up purchasing a Subaru Legacy too. It's the car that I drive most of the time and I really like it. We wish we would've had it in Rexburg with the snow. I hope you like it! Good luck with being managers!