Sunday, February 22, 2009

APX Meeting in SLC

This last weekend was another full-fledged adventure. Christian, my roommate and APX team member, and I were going to SLC for a business meeting and to split the gas cost more efficiently we took some girls so they could see some family in West Jordan; namely Heidi, her cousin, and her friend. We arrived just in time for dinner at Chile’s with the group. After an overly filling meal of fajita quesadillas we went to check in to our rooms at Embassy Suites. Their was a pool party planned when we got there but I wasn’t feeling so great so I went and rested, took a long walk, and then took a short dip in the pool. I went to bed around midnight but was the first asleep in my room.
After delicious omelets from the hotel we had a 4-hour meeting when we talked about goals, licensing, team values, and methods. It was very informative for me because it helped me fill better about my capabilities to succeed. I also meet some team members that I hadn’t known before. We changed, checked out, and headed south. I was dropped off in WeJo where Heidi, Candice (her cousin), and I all went to the Open House for the Draper Temple. It was a great experience. In view that I have lacked in scheduling time to attend the temple lately it was refreshing to walk through the whole building and be reminded of the wonderful blessings we can receive there. Afterward we went to dinner at Geckos, a Mexican restaurant, where Candice’s boyfriend works. It finish the evening we watched the edited version of “Catch me if you can.” I really enjoyed it, especially since I didn’t have to here or see anything inappropriate. 
Sunday we started out at the singles branch sacrament meeting but instead of following that with Sunday school we went to the hospital to participate in a second sacrament service. Candice was volunteering and so we decided to go with her. There were about 16 in attendance and it was insightful as to the simplicity and grandeur of the gospel. We spent a good afternoon with Heidi’s aunt and uncle, where I was staying, and then came on home!

Monday, February 16, 2009

February 13-16

Well, as we all know this was Valentine’s Day weekend. Both Heidi’s and I went to Bob and Julie’s house on Friday afternoon where his friend Israel took us out to the shooting range and let us target shoot with some various handguns and 22 rifles. This is officially the second experience that Heidi has ever had using a gun and she rather enjoyed herself while showing off her Annie Oakley side. 

That evening she and I went to Chesbro music and II let her pick some out as a gift. She loves to play the piano and I have been encouraging her to practice more. Upon returning with izzas, movie, and WII games we filled up the night with fun until all of us fell soundly asleep in the middle of Speed Racer. Julie wonderfully picked up the pieces by waking up those that needed to move to another room to sleep.

On Saturday we came back to Rexburg for several hours of dancing and movie watching; overall it a most relaxing day. I received a wonderful watch as a present from H and she received a pair of Paradot earrings from me. We were both delighted. Sunday was fantastic and we the 3-day weekend ended with much homework doing on President’s day.